U.S. Jadhav, Rajive Kumar Pateria


This study analyses the research output in swine during the period from 1917 till 2016. It analyses the growth, rank, global publication share and most productive authors. CAB Direct Online database has been used to retrieve the data on publication output in swine research. During 1917 - 2016, a total of 1,15,235 publications have been indexed. The study found that during 1917-1956, a total of 10 publications were indexed and during 1957-1966 it was 17. A sudden growth witnessed during 1967-1976 with 13,368 publications and during 1977-1986 it was 24,329. During 1987-1996, the total publications were 22,001 and it again witnessed growth trend with 23,386 during 1997-2006. The all time high growth of publications witnessed during 2007-2016 with 32,119 publications. The highest number of publications of 3,606 was recorded during 2006. The average publication rate per year is 1152.35. The leading form of communication is journal articles (84.86%) followed by conference papers (11.36%), Book chapters ((2.05%), Thesis (1.44%) and Book (0.29%). The cumulative publications output of these 10 most productive journals contributes 9.56% share (11,006 papers) in the global output during 1917-2016. The study found that Indian Journal of Animal Sciences is in 22nd position with 389 papers (0.34%) and Indian Veterinary Journal is 32nd position with 355 papers (0.31%). United States scores the 1st position with a publication share of 2.56% and China comes 2nd with a publication share of 2.39%. Germany, Nordic countries, Brazil, UK, Italy, France, Poland, Netherlands are placed from 3rd to 10th positions with publications share ranging from 2.15% to 1.0% respectively. M.D.Tokach is the top author with 1.14% share in global publication output (1331 papers) followed by S.S.Dritz with 0.98% (1080 papers).

 Keywords: Swine, Pig, Publication output, Scientometrics, CAB Direct, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary science

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